for Jacob to honor who he was
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    Margie Antley

    $50.00 / 750 days ago

    I wish you would have had someone you trusted to talk to Jake, I love you.

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    Zach Alarid

    $50.00 / 751 days ago

    Jacob, I will miss you forever. I love you so much and see your face and smile and beautiful eyes in my minds eye. You will forever remain in my heart and mind. Grandma Dusty

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    Jennifer Arnold

    $50.00 / 751 days ago

    Rest in Peace sweet Angel. May your spirit find healing as you grow your wings. You are so loved and will always be missed

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    Pamela Trahan

    $10.00 / 751 days ago

    I’ll donate more when I can.

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    Emelia Nahinu

    $33.00 / 751 days ago

    This is heartbreaking. May his spirit be surrounded by love, peace and healing. May his family find support in all matters through this time.

About Jacob Alarid

Jacob Alarid loved the outdoors and all of nature. His favorite things to do was hike, camp, ride his bike with his dad and sister. A great artist and musician. He loved the sciences and dreamed of having a future in biology to help animals and people. He had great stories to tell and had a great sense of humor. One of the most gentle and kind people on earth. Very intelligent in every subject and knew everything about all insects, animals and rocks. 
Jacob will be missed very much by everyone who knew him.
We love you Jacob.

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