My only child and son died by suicide at the age of 42. He left behind 3 beautiful children . (Ages 23, 13, and 8 at the time he passed). He struggled most of his life with depression and anger issues apparently due to not having his dad in his life. He did not have a great childhood, however, he always told his girls and me he loved us. His girls were his life! I want today's society to understand that Social Media is what killed him! My son was not an alcoholic or drug addict! He did have mental issues resulting with PTSD. People on Social Media tormented him and told him he would be better off dead! One person even telling him - do us a favor- just end your life-and he did! My handsome, young , strong, son died because of this cruel world. 😥😥😥
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In Memory and Honoring my son Jason Dykstra September 6, 1974-August 21, 2017j

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