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Brandon "Carter" Combs

Kimberly Duffle / Named Memorial

To create awareness to those around the world that knew Brandon 'Carter'...depression is an illness that cannot be seen or heard.
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    Aldemar Diaz

    $50.00 / 256 days ago

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    Eric Ledermann

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    Alex Knudsen

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    Linda Wiemers

    $30.00 / 405 days ago

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    Barbara Prinkey

    $75.00 / 405 days ago

    May you find your peace, Amigo. Will always smile when I think of you. B.

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    Philip Ricciardi

    $50.00 / 407 days ago

    Rest in Peace Carter. For the friends and family of Carter, I wish you strength during this time of difficulty. Whether it is yourself or someone you know that might be struggling with depression, reach out and ask for help. There is a lot of good out there, and whether you realize it or not, you are never alone.

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    Jonathan Ferrer

    $100.00 / 408 days ago

    Really enjoyed our conversations and I’ll miss you so much man.

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    Christopher Frione

    $25.00 / 408 days ago

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    DAVe Allen

    $3.00 / 408 days ago

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    Ricardo Sime

    $25.00 / 408 days ago

    May peace be with you. May all your pain be washed away. May you know how much you're missed.

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    Andrew Palmer

    $50.00 / 408 days ago

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    Brea Taylor-Munro

    $25.00 / 408 days ago

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    Michelle Traw

    $100.00 / 408 days ago

    I saw Brandon recently and he was smiling and so sweet and caring. That is how I will always think of him. What a dear person. He will be missed by everyone who knew him.

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    James Derby

    $50.00 / 408 days ago

    RIP to a beloved member of the watch community. He will be missed and his mark was left on so many.

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    Calvin Knight

    $100.00 / 408 days ago

    RIP to a beloved member of the watch community

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    Henry Ly

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    Alex Kuang

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    Josh Slimmer

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    Joanna Vega Provost

    $50.00 / 412 days ago

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    Richard Vinhais

    $200.00 / 412 days ago

    Rest easy my friend

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    Ryan Ball

    $25.00 / 414 days ago

    May the love and compassion you showed towards all things and everyone live throughout us eternally.

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    Renee Sanders

    $100.00 / 414 days ago

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I will continue to pray for your family.

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    Diane Montgomery

    $100.00 / 415 days ago

    I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that God will continue to walk with you and your family during this time.

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    Pamela Cole

    $50.00 / 415 days ago

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    Kathleen McGivney

    $250.00 / 415 days ago

    Carter was a bright light in this world and will be missed. The global watch community mourns this loss.

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    Philip Martin

    $50.00 / 415 days ago

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    Adele Jones

    $200.00 / 416 days ago

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    Robert Kohls

    $50.00 / 416 days ago

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    Chris Morgan-Jones

    $25.00 / 416 days ago


  • F938bad901691e3e6d629b109c805940? nophoto

    Adam Stone

    $25.00 / 416 days ago

    Very sorry to hear this - all to often this feels to many like the only remaining option. Keep talking and engaging.

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    Christopher Hinkle

    $50.00 / 416 days ago

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    Perrie Adams

    $100.00 / 416 days ago

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    Clark Draper

    $25.00 / 416 days ago

    Thanks for being the man in the watch community on IG. You will be missed, but not forgotten.

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    Jody Walters

    $25.00 / 416 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $25.00 / 416 days ago

    Losing a loved one to suicide is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Reach out to those you think may need help before it's too late.

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    James Wheeler

    $25.00 / 417 days ago

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    $115.00 / 417 days ago

    Words can never express how the loss of someone we love affects us. Praying for healing and peace for Brandon's family and friends.

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    Paul Wurth

    $25.00 / 417 days ago

    An avid watch enthusiast that inspired a lot of people to follow their passion.

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    Tony Garcia

    $75.00 / 417 days ago

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    $40.00 / 418 days ago

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    Freddi Wilson

    $25.00 / 418 days ago

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    Diana Combs

    $500.00 / 418 days ago

    A bright and wonderful soul has left this earth. We’ll always remember your infectious smile. We love you Brandon. We’ll meet again. Love Uncle Randy and Aunt Diana

  • A0c5d906dfcf844dd645d0d95c6611df? nophoto

    Adrien Choux

    $100.00 / 418 days ago

    Hey Carter, rest in peace my friend & keep smiling upon us from above. Happy thoughts from HK. Adrien

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    Don Smiley

    $100.00 / 419 days ago

  • U6jycsqd8%3d&expires=1628188791

    Team Watchonista

    $150.00 / 420 days ago

    Carter was a unique soul which touched so many. He will be sorely missed in the watch community. Our hearts may be full, but we can take solace knowing that Carter left our little community a much better place than he found it. We are forever grateful to have known this extraordinary human.

  • 59ba7e5fad15a3c9a8afb27e6f2bd83d? nophoto

    Khalil Ghorbani

    $100.00 / 420 days ago

    Carter, you were one of the first people I met on this Journey and till the last day remained one of the most supportive. You became more than a friend from thousands of miles away and we had the best of times when we hung out. You will be sorely missed in my journey now, but everything we went through till this day will live on through a memory only you could have created. Love you buddy! Rest in Peace!

  • E8096f8b29fe2c81a0b5c10f4352ca5d? nophoto

    Chris Fillier

    $100.00 / 420 days ago

    We laughed, we smiled, we raised glasses for Good Times. I will miss our chats. Your impact on our shared hobby was immeasurable. Until we meet again, Cheers Brother.

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    Eric Eissenstat

    $500.00 / 420 days ago

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    Matthew Herman

    $50.00 / 420 days ago

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    Sarah Adams

    $30.00 / 421 days ago

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    $50.00 / 421 days ago

    Praying for all the friends and family during this time. ❤️

  • 793062437c7ff9f0a4e597d04aa7a589? nophoto

    Kayla Duffle

    $50.00 / 421 days ago

    You were so loved and will be forever missed and in our hearts!

  • Avatar person


    $200.00 / 421 days ago

    I never knew Brandon but as part of the community he helped create I feel connected to his legacy. I hope we can band together and make this fund another part of that legacy.

  • Avatar person


    $250.00 / 421 days ago

    Condolences to family and friends for their loss. Sadness for the loss of such a creative and witty soul here on earth. - Q

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    Mark Orgren

    $100.00 / 421 days ago

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    Kevin Mantell

    $100.00 / 421 days ago

  • A1d5eb5e4531089d714db4ed410a0ec9? nophoto

    Robert Velasquez

    $100.00 / 421 days ago

    We will never forget you, Carter. You influenced a global community and left your mark on the world. In passing, you’ll save so many lives and we won’t ever forget that or you.

  • 7a365ffab0819631bd40720ce0aa597e? nophoto

    Jon Giffin

    $100.00 / 421 days ago

  • 9213cd355a79cea1a5884aed913659e0? nophoto

    Kelly Sanders

    $100.00 / 421 days ago

  • 6ef89bdd581e9046772539561ea10e19? nophoto

    Heather Smiley

    $100.00 / 421 days ago

    Praying for your family.

  • A6db37ab18bc0d7d639c64ebf441e378? nophoto

    Lori J Lauscher

    $50.00 / 421 days ago

  • 2441705d387047f3c64c213ba0f23d41? nophoto

    Noble Sandlin

    $30.00 / 421 days ago

    I never knew you personally, but I know and love your mom and sister. May you be at rest in the arms of the Lord, and may He bring peace and comfort to your loved ones during this difficult time.

  • 96f54e78cd259b731e43427fd524ea3b? nophoto

    Kimberly Duffle

    $500.00 / 422 days ago

    To my little brother. You will always be in my heart!!

About Brandon "Carter" Combs

So many of us knew Brandon "Carter" as a funny, loving, humble, genuine, caring...the list goes on and on. Sadly, even those of us closest to him, didn't know of the illness he struggled with. Remember, people are not always as they seem. Life is complicated. Reach out to those you love and love on them often.

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